What We Believe

Elmwood Park Community Church is an evangelical church. We believe...

  • ...In one God who exists eternally in three, equal, fully divine persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - who created all things out of nothing.
  • ...That the 66 books of the Holy Bible are the inspired and inerrant word of God.
  • ...That Humans, both men and women, are created in the image of God but are sinners by birth and by choice.
  • ...That Jesus is God made flesh. He was crucified and died but rose again bodily three days later, conquering sin and death.
  • ...That forgiveness of sins, regeneration, redemption, and adoption into God's family are available to all people by God's grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.
  • ...That all who are saved by grace through faith in Christ receive the Holy Spirit at the time of conversion. The Holy Spirit is our helper, guide, and sanctifier.
  • ...That all those who are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ are a part of the universal community of believers: the church.
  • ...That Jesus will come again to judge the living and the dead and to usher in the new heaven and new earth.

Click here for The Baptist Faith and Message (PDF)